Recently Facebook had decided to make messenger access able without facebook account. Yes after this you can use facebook messenger as a push messenger by registering your no. in messenger to access it. You can see the complete process to setup this in the below steps.


1. First of all download and install Facebook messenger app in your smartphone.

2.Now while singup click on Not on Facebook? there.

3. Now you will see page asking your for details fill us little bit details like first name, last name and phone number and you are done.

4. Now your account will be created with lots of friends that using messenger in similar way.

5. As from this now you will be using messenger without any link to any personal account with the limited friends as here you will a push message messenger with lots of friends that you might even not know.

6. Enjoy!!

You can make unkonow friends here who all are all  using facebook messenger by this method on messenger.


This method will create a shortcut at your desktop and time of shutdown will be set by you and when you click on it count down starts and your Pc will get shutdown after a specific time. The method will be helpful when you are downloading something that takes excess time and at that case you can set timer for shutdown. Just follow up the below steps to proceed.

1. First of all click on start and type notepad and press enter.

2. Now notepad will open, just copy the below code and paste it in your notepad.

3.In the above code 60 represent the time period in seconds after which PC will shutdown, you can change this also as specifying 60 will shutdown computer after 60 seconds that is 1 minute and if you want to shutdown it after 2 hour then you will write
shutdown -s -t 7200.

4. Now save this file in desktop as Techspirate shutdown.bat you can give any name to file but .bat after the file name is must.

5. Now you will see a batch file in your desktop, now when you click on the file your computer will get shutdown after a specified time.


Here is How To Remove Write Protection:–

Write protection in any media is a security in a media by which it don’t all the user to edit any content in it that is we can’t delete,copy paste or
cut any content of that media. Also our media say our USB Pendrive will not even get format. It will show error message like “Disk is Write Protected”
or “Remove The Write Protection or Use another USB” . These all errors are because of write protection on our pendrive or sd cards. There are
many ways to fix this but in this post i will tell you the best methods to remove write protection without any software.

#1 Method: Check Device For Virus

Sometime there is possibility that write protection error can be because of some viruses which can easily harm your USB device. To remove this scan your media with best antiviruse and then remove virus from it. By this your write protection will get easily removed.

#2 Method: Checking Write Protection Button

Many USB device comes with a write protection button . Sometime when this button remains on the write protection error will shows on copying,
pasting and deleting any file from the media device. To remove error check the button at side of the SD card if the button is on then put it off and by this Write Protection of USB will get removed.

#3 Method: Using Registery Editing

In this method we will edit some registry values of computer as when they are overwrite by some reasond our media can show error message of
Write Protection.

1. Open Run -> type Regedit -> click on
Registry Editor.

2. Now follow up this path in Registry Editor

3. There you will find write protection option just click on it and set its value to 0.

4. Thats it you are done.

By this the default value of write protection registery will be changed and the write protection will permanently get removed from that media device.


Lithium Music Player stands out by its unique user interface, style and usability. Fully customizable and cool music playback for your Android device!

— Some of Lithium’s features are:-
* Fully animated user interface
* Customizable colors
* Crossfader
* Super easy playlist creation & editing
* Alternative folder browsing and playback
* 4 different widgets
* ID3 tag editor
* Post your tunes on Facebook
* Download missing cover artwork
* Create homescreen shortcuts to your favourite artists, gernes or albums.

— In addition, all devices running Android 2.3 or higher feature:
* Equalizer with saveable user presets that can be linked to music genres and auto-triggered at runtime
* Music controlled light organ effects throughout the entire UI
* A music controlled Live Wallpaper


– All new modern UI
– Playlist Widget
– Dynamic colors
– Automatic favourites playlist
– and much more!

To download- click here 


Marine Music Player Pro v0.63beta Apk – One of the most beautiful and powerful material design music for Android!

Simple is the new Smart.
Marine Music Player is a new and innovative and revolutionary app which is currently in beta and continuously in development
This app is one of the most powerful yet simple and surprisingly faster than other apps.

Beautiful skins to make your music player look more outstanding, and these also make your music player get the next level experience.
Material design music is evolving, please try it and tell your opinion to make it grow together.

Currently it has following Features:-
1)Best Material design music player
1)Browse and play your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists recents and folders.
2)Create and Edit Playlist
3)Scrobbling support via scrobble droid and simple
4)embedded lyrics support
5)lyric support via third party plugin
6)7 band Equalizer
7)Preset and bass boost support
8)lockscreen support for 4.0+
9)3 home screen WIDGETS (4×2,4×2,4×1).
10)Use album art color (a unique feature try it)
11) Notification STATUS support: display album artwork, title and artist, play/pause, skip forward and stop controls in notification status.
12) Headset/Bluetooth Controls
13) display cool transparency effect when playing
14) artist art and genre art are made from combination of album and songs art .
15) (Coming soon)SHAKE IT feature: give your phone a shake to play next/previous song
16) Gorgeous background skins, cool transparency effect for beautiful experience
17) Headset support. Support one button and multiple buttons headsets. Leave your device in the pocket!
18) Music Library with SEARCH. Find all your music never been so easy.
19)gapless playback support
20)programmable sleep timer
21)Editing Tags
22)Many Theme
23)Ability to Customize Every aspect of app
24)use album art color in playing view
25) 6 theme color
26)light and dark theme
27)card view support
28)consume as little as 10MB of RAM.(Only service RAM is 10 mb)
29)crop album art
30)many sorting modes
31)support for lst and grid views
32)pause album art loading for smooth scrolling.
Planned Functions IN Future Updates:-
1) Scrobbling via official app
2)Lyrics Finder
3)Auto Missing Album Art Downloader
4)export playlist
and many more
For any issues ,please drop us a mail instead of giving 1 star.


*fixed force close issue in edit tag activity.
*fixed small widget and large widget not showing paused state
*fixed small widget text chopping
*fixed lockscreen controls on lollipop.
*fixed layout appearing separated in lollipop
*a multi tag editor name aqua music tag editor launched
*bug fixes
*Ellipse Music Player launch

To download- click here 


Hello Readers.Today I’m going to
share a very important and most wanted solution of various Errors that occur on most Android Devices in Google play store.I think many of you
are also facing this problems while downloading apps from Google play.So continue to read this article if you face any of this Google play Store
Error while downloading or installing an application.

Here is a list of play store errors with their problems and solutions:-

1.Google Play Error 491
Can’t download or error while updating an application.

Remove the current Google account you are trying to download with.then reboot and add it again. If problem does not solves clear data of Google
services and play store.

2.Google Play Error 498
Download can’t be completed or interrupted.

Uninstall some apps and clear the cache.

3.Google Play Error 413
Can’t download any application or update it.

Clear the data of Google services and play store.Also force stop them and then again try to download the application.If you had set
Proxies,just remove them and clear your browser’s cache.

4.Google Play Error 403
Downloading fails and the request is forbidden due to two google accounts running in the same device.

Clear Proxy,Remove and again add APN (Access Point Networks),Clear the search History.If problems persists remove the current google
account then add new google account and try to download the application from play store again.

5.Google Play Error 492
The required application can be downloaded but fails to install.

Firstly go to setting and then Apps and force stop the google services and Google Play Store and then clear data.If Problems doesn’t solves
Clear the Dalvik cache by going to Phone’s Custom Recovery Mode.

6.Google Play Error 919
The required application gets downloaded but it can’t be opened.

Clear some space on your device by uninstalling unncessary applications,images,audio,video, or large files etc.

7.Google Play Error 927
The Download can’t be completed due to upgrade of play store.

Wait till the Google Play Store gets
updated.Then try again to download the application.


Hii friends I'm back with one more
awesome trick that lets users to record their Desktop Screen using VLC Media Player.This media player is not just a media player,it is packed with many awesome features that most of the users are not aware of it .

There are lots of softwares for recording your Desktop Screen Video but most of them are paid.So this is trick for the ones who don't want to spend money on buying such softwares and instead use VLC media player for recording their desktop screen free.

VLC media player is user friendly and
absolutely free with lots of features
compared to other media players.
Let's start how to Record your desktop screen video using VLC Media player free.

What you will need?

VLC media player , if you don't have this player installed on your computer,just download it from link at end of the post.


1.Download and Install VLC Media Player on your PC and run it.

2.From VLC Media player's Menu select Media.

2.Then click on Open CAPTURE DEVICE.

3.A dialog box opens click on Capture
Media tab and select Desktop from the capture mode dropdown.

4.Set frame rate.If you choose higher
frame rate your video quality will be
good.Click on the Play drop down menu
and select Convert.

5.In the next dialog box select the audio and video format.

6.Then click on settings icon and new a
dialog opens.Select video codec tab and set the bitrate 2500 kb/s and click on save.

7.In the convert dialog click on Browse to set the Destination file by just locating the place and giving it a name.

for example : file.mp4

8.After that click on Start and VLC media player will start recording your Desktop screen.Then to save it click on Stop button.

Conclusion: VLC media player is also a good desktop screen recorder.It outputs the filw with good quality and small size compared to other screen recorders.

To download- click here 


AppAddict is definitely one of the best alternatives for Installous and Hackulous. In our society today, the demand for free apps keeps increasing but there are only a few ways to install free apps to an iOS device. The current best way to install free apps is to go through any third-party apps or programs that allow a jailbreak device to run cracked apps. Zeusmos, iFunBox, and HipStore are a few popular apps existing in the world today. They are well-known for their functionality that enables jailbreak users to install hundreds of free apps. However, these are not the only apps that capable of giving you free apps. There is one great name that your should pay a little more attention to it which is AppAddict. It is a better version of Apptrackr with more features. It is a must to install AppAddict to your iPhone or iPad if you are keen to get the latest apps, themes, or games for free.

How to install AppAddict?

1. Open Cydia, Tap Manage > Sources > Edit > Add and type in this URL

2. Select Add Source and Cydia will go ahead and add it.

3. Back in Sources , tap on the new repo and find AppSync – choose 7.0+ , 6.0+ or 5.0+ or unified AppSync, whichever firmware you are running.

4. Tap on Respring to go back to your home screen.

5. Open up your web browser and go to

6. Tap on Install AppAddict and appaddict will be installed onto your iOS device.

7. Back on your Home screen, tap on the app to open it.

8. You’re done! Enjoy!!

How to install apps using AppAddict?

1. Open AppAddict.

2. You will see the Categories page, just right-swipe the screen and tap on Search .

3. Type in the name of the app you want to download.

4. From the list of results that appears, tap on the one you want.

5. The iTunes description of your chosen app will appear – tap on Links and pick the download link you want to use.

6. Using one of these options may result in a wait before the download begins or you may be asked to input a CAPTCHA code first.

7. Once the download starts, a downward swipe on your screen will let you follow the download progress.

8. Once the download has completed, right-swipe on the screen and tap Installer .

9. Pick the right IPA file and tap Install.

10. Your iOS device will go back to the home screen and from there you can follow the installation.

11. You’re done! Enjoy!!

NOTE:- If you can’t see any app in AppAddict, you’ll have to update the app.

NOTE:- There is a non JailBroken version of the app, but you’ll need to pay to register your UDID to be able to use it.

To download- click here 


Instagram has became popular media where you can share photos. But the problem is LIKES which you get enough BUT here is app and tutorial which will help you gain likes.


*Download CHEATDROID from the link given below.

*Install the apk but do not open it just now.

*Next, download the INSTALIKE app from the link given below.

*Open the INSTALIKE app and input your instagram username and password.All your credentials will be encrypted and will not be hacked.

*Afte you have succesfully logged in using INSTALIKE , you will see a get Like button on the bottom right corner of the app (refer screenshots).

*Press Get Likes.On the top you will see your credits which you can use to get likes on any picture you choose below.

*But the problem is that you would have only 30/60 credits/coins.So the solution, CHEATDROID.


*Scroll and find INSTALIKE in the app list.Click on INSTALIKE.

*Scroll and and find UserPoints.xml

*Click on it and edit the the number given to a desired value (not more that 10000)

*Next, close all apps and open

*INSTALIKE again.Now you will see that you will have that number of credits that you edited in UserPoints.xml

*Now choose from any pictures below and press get likes.Choose how many like you want (again not more than 10000) and done.

*Now wait a few hours so the apps gets it unique Likes for your photo.

*If your coins on instalikes gets over then enjoy on more photos by repeating steps 11 to 18.

NOTE:-Do not try to get more than 10000 likes at one go as this could result in you id being permenantly banned from instagram.

NOTE:-If you get a login error in instalikes app ,change your instagram password and try again.

To download- instalikes latest 

To download- cheatdroid pro 


Tubemate is the most popular app that helps you to download video from youtube. But has it has got lots of ads and its design is also not so good. So, here i have provided the ad free and material designed tubemate.

To download-click here 


So developers get ready to test the latest and most cool version of ios till now that is ios 9. First of all checkout the device that are currently being supported by this OS.

Ios 9 Beta 1 Compatible Devices:-

*iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s
*iPad Air 2, 1
*iPad mini 3, 2, 1
*iPad 4, 3, 2
*iPod touch 5

This Beta version is only fo.r developers so the normal user can’t access this ios 9 till now but they will soon receive this update as according to WWDC 2015 held on yesterday ios 9 will be available this july publically.

To download- click here 


Hello guys today i'm going to show you how to "set password on pen drive" without using any locking software. window 7 operating system comes with
in built locking system names "Bit Locker"


1) Insert your pen drive your computer.

2) "Right click" on drive on which you want to set up password ant then click on "Turn on Bit Locker"

3) Now this tab will get open. now click on"Use a password to unlock this drive" then enter password and click on next.

4) Now click on "save the recovery key file" (it will help you when you will forget your password)

5) Now read carefully what is written over there and click "Next"

6) Your Encryption is started

Note: "Do not remove pen drive during encryption process" other wise you will lose your data.


*Rooted device
*MTK Engineer mode app
*Litte BRAIN


1. Download MTK Engineering Mode
from below

2. Open the MTK Engineering Mode on
your phone.

3. Click MTK Settings.

4. Go Left to Connectivity .On the
connectivity panel, select CDS

5. Now, select either the SIM1 or SIM2,
depending on whichever SIM you wish
to change its IMEI.

6. On this page, click on the AT . About
four (4) options should be presented to you, If not then, type p in that box i.e. AT

p then delete p. Then the 4 options will
come just choose either of this options

AT+ EGMR=1,10,”” -for SIM 2
AT+ EGMR=1,7,”” -for SIM 1

7. Select either option for preferred
sim slot.

8. Now enter preferred IMEI in the
above selected box between two quotes

Like:- AT EGMR=1,7,”3559972068800775 ″

Don't forget to input imei in above

9 . Now select SEND AT COMMAND.

10. Now Restart your Phone or Switch
ON Flight Mode then OFF Flight Mode.



*Rooted device
*Lucky patcher app


1: Download Lucky patcher from below link

2. After open it Lucky patcher will look like this in above image, now which app have licence verification and inApp purchase found those application can be patch.

3. click on any app which have in app purchase found.

4. After clicking on app click on " Open Menu of Patches".

5. After click on " open menu patches" this pop up message will come shown in above image, Choose what type of patch you want on the app as example " Remove Google ads" " Remove InApp purchase" Remove Licence and others.
After click "InApp Purchase App" New message will come which is shown in Below image.

6. Click on apply and wait for some time The app will be patch.

Some Patched Application Screen Shot which patch by this app, it make those app in full or premium version.

Note:-If application have custom patch available in "option menu patch" then app can be premium

To download- click here 


Spaming is popular now and people are demanding apps related to which helps you to spam in whatsapp which is very popular social media app.

To download- click here (whtasapp ultimate bomber)
To download- click here (whatsapp ultimate bomber with screenshots)
To download-click here (whatsapp spammer pro)


Bobble app is a new android app that lets you to make your own emoji and comics. To use it ... it is very easy. It can be used in any social media app like Facebook,Whatsapp,Hike,Jio,Wechat,Line etc.

Its a free app but also not avilable in every country. But i provided it directly in here. So, enjoy!!

To download- click here