DOWNLOAD FROM MEGA ON ANDROID WITHOUT MEGA APP (MEGA.CO.NZ) is a leading cloud storage provider which allows users to easily upload and share files into their secure cloud. Although Mega is a good service , it comes with a few limitations. One of them is that the files stored and shared via cannot be easily downloaded on mobile devices or Android phones without their own app. But not anymore, here’s a simple tutorial which will enable you to easily download files from Mega cloud on android without installing Mega App.

1. For this tutorial we strictly recommend using Mozilla Firefox browser or any Web browser which supports HTML 5 . (Google Chrome too will work sometimes, but it also hinders page elements our success ratio with Firefox is 100%)You can download firefox from below link.

2. Now, simply visit the Mega URL or file link which you want to download on the Web Browser (Firefox / Chrome).

3.It will now show you a page showing this file can’t be downloaded in mobile browser as shown in the below image

4.On this page, tap on the “3 dots” in the top right hand side corner to access the browser settings menu. It will open the settings menu as shown in the following image

5.Here Checkmark the option “ Request Desktop Site” and tap on the “ reload icon” as shown in the image below

The site will now be reloaded, into your browser into a PC or Computer like user interface as shown in the next image –

6.Here, simply Click on the grey-colored “ Download” button as highlighted in the previous image! .. It will now start downloading the file as shown below –

Once the complete file is downloaded it will now ask you with a Dialog Box to save the downloaded file as shown

Here select the download option and your file will be now be saved into the Downloads folder!

7.That’s it !! you have now successfully downloaded files from Mega without downloading its app.

To download- Firefox browser 

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Hey, Fellas! Today I am going to tell you aboutHow to Use your own Handwriting as System Font in Android. Now, many of the times people think that how people’s creates their own .ttf font files? It is easy and even you can create your own .ttf files and use it on your android device and as well as on your PC. It is easy and simple and one can easily understand this procedure with the help of this simple trick. If you are using Android device which is having a system font then you might be seeing that there is the same font you always use all the time.

In Android most of the times, there is a system font named as Roboto and you might get bored using the same android font all the time and that is really something which no likes at all.Instead, you can create your own font with the help of this simple trick. This is a really simple trick and you need is just a print out of the template and add your writing. You can do that within 5 Minutes and it is really easy enough to do so with the help of this simple trick.

1.Firstly you need to open this site from  here .
2. Now, You will see an option to print an image or simply print the PDF. There will be an image as given below.

3.If you are printing the image then it is well and good if you don’t want to print then you can create the font using MS Paint or  PicsArt software .

4. After that scan your image and if you are not having the scanner then try to use  Camscanner which is again simple and easy to scan and then upload the image in (600x300dpi).

5. You can upload the image or else you can also upload the PDF format of the font and then name the file.

6. Now you can upload the files and enter the name of your font and then it is done. Click on the start and your font will be ready.

7. Now, the .ttf font is ready for your computer. If you want to use this font in your Android device then you can follow up this guide given here. 

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1 Rooted device

1. First download font installer from below.

2. Place your ttf(custom font)in any folder in file explorer.

3. Goto local.

4.Select your ttf file.

5.Click on install and font will be installed after reboot.

To download- click here 

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Creativity is more than just a photofilter—PicsArtprovides you with everything you need to make amazing photo edits, artistic camera shoots, photo collages, create digital drawings, and communicate with other creatives who have joined our mission to beautify the world.

250 million people have already downloaded this free app for powerful image editing and photo montages, using hundreds of toolsand effects that you can find only in professional photo editing programs. PicsArt inspires you to create beautiful images anytime, anywhere. Transform your photos into works of art and let the world discover them!

The app includes:
*.A global community of creatives
*.Hundreds of photo editing tools
*.Customizable filters and effects
*.Text, sticker, and image overlays
*.Collage maker
*.Photo camera
*.Drawing and painting tools with layers
*.Advanced artistic brushes
*.Generate animated gif and videos

PicsArt allows anyone to connect through image sharing, art contests, and collaborative editing with the #freetoedit hashtag, as well as to share images on a variety of popular social platforms.“PicsArt transforms your smartphone pictures into works of art.” (Mashable) The app has “…a functionality close to what you get on expensive professional tools like Photoshop. But PicsArt is free and requires no instructions or training.” (Fast Company)

PicsArt features:A powerful mobile photo editor, providing a wide array of photo editing tools such as a clone tool, crop tool, photo blending and enhancement tool, text overlays, image overlays, layer editing, photo filters, camera layer, and hundreds of customizable brush filters, masks, shape masks, and more. PicsArt also hosts weekly photo editing contests based on these features.

Share beautiful images, discover other creatives, and connect with like-minded people. PicsArt is a social community for everyone—we welcome amateur artists and hobbyists. Enjoy instant sharing on PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, and via email.

A collage maker to create photo collages in grids, collage frames, free-form, or with photos in the background. It is easy to make collages and share to Facebook and Instagram. With PicsArt it’s easy to create family and wedding collages, greeting cards, quick step-by-step tutorials, and more.

A drawing suite, including artistic brushes, layers, stickers, and overlays. You can generate time-lapse videos of your drawing process and share them on YouTube. Enter your drawings in our weekly drawing contests.Thousands of themed clipart images, stickers, frames, filters, and collage frames. The PicsArt Shop contains both free and paid items, and we add new packages every week.

Compete in contests for photography, photo editing, drawing, and graphic design.A photo camera, with multiple live filters and artistic masks.A large gallery of free public images for co-editing and collaboration under the #freetoedithashtag.

The Red Eye Effect pulled a Will Byers on us but now it’s back with a sleek new look and functional improvements. So call off the search, folks. Your demon-eyed days are over.

To download- click here 

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While streaming out different websites you across the sites where you find the right click disabled on it. And you are unable to perform lots of task like copy the content and also the opening links in tab and lots more things that browser allow you on right mouse click.Generally these websites implement this to either prevent user to copy their content and also due to various security reasons that normal users may not aware about. But sometime you really wish to make the right click enabled to make your work easier. That's is why i am here to guide you, in this article i will be discussing a method that will help you to enable the right click on the websites that had disabled it, Yes its possible and you can easily do this. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

#1 Method(Disabling javascript) 
The thing that disables the right mouse click on the browser is the background running java script and if you disable that you can easily access the content that is right click protected.

In chrome simply go to “Settings -> Content settings (under the Privacy heading)“, there you will find the options to disable JavaScript and manage exceptions. Simply activate it and save changes.

In Firefox you can use the Add on SettingsSanity that will enable the options that being officially disabled in the firefox and then you can disable the javascript in it.

In opera browser you just need to visit the settings and then simply disable the javascript in it.

#2 Method(Using 'Right to copy' extension)
This is the another way to enable the right click of mouse on the website as this is the third party extension that will disable the script that blocks the right key access and with that you can easily access the right key functionality in the site in browser.

To download- firefox 
To download- chrome 

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How to Disable Window 10 Login Password Screen in the startup. With the help of this hack, you can remove window 10 login password screen and lock screen in Startup.
Window Password Login screen is the first layer of security in any Window Computer. But If you are tired of entering a Password every time, you can try this hack in your Computer.

#1 Method
1. Press Window + R, type netplwiz and press Enter.

2. Deselect Users must enter a username and password to use this computer.

3. Click on Apply button.

4. Type your Current Computer Password.

5. Now restart your Computer for checking it’s working or not.

#2 Method

Just  click here  and download the .zip file to your computer. Run this file in your Computer for disabling the lockscreen in Computer.

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If you have tried to play High Quality videos on your android, there is a high chance that you might have came across an error “Audio Format (AC3) Nit supported” . Not anymore.

In Recent versions of MX Player DTS & DOLBY audio codec supports are removed from the official MX-Player. If your video has dts/dtshd/ac3/eac3/mlp audio tracks it won’t play any audio. Only video will be played. Here’s a easy fix for that.

1. First you need to Know the correct codec required for you phone Go to Settings 》 Decoder 》Custom Codec. Codec required is usually mentioned there.Select the codec of version you are using mx player.

2. Now you need to download the correct codec from below:-

FOR MX PLAYER 1.7.32-40 - click here 


CUSTOM CODEC V1.8.6 (FOR MX PLAYER 1.8.6+)- click here 

3. After downloading the pack unzip it and again Go to Settings 》 Decoder 》Custom Codec and select the downloaded codec file.

Now MX Player will ask to restart do that and Done. To make sure the custom codec is properly installed, Once it restarts, from Options Goto Help 》 About. check whether the codec is loaded or not. If Custom Codec is loaded, it will show the platform & custom codec version below the Mx Player version info.

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Till now you might have tried lots of apps to create connection between your android and to your PC that includes screen streaming, image streaming and lots of other app, but what about streaming audio from PC to android, I am quite sure that you might not have tried this yet. And we are here to guide you about all the latest apps and features that you could need and in this app you will have the guide to Stream PC Audio to your Android, Yes its possible and easily done by follow some simple guide. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

1.First of all in your PC you need to download from below link and install the SoundWire server application and install it in your PC.

2.Now you need to launch the tool in your PC and you will see the interface like below.

3.You can also alter the settings according to your wish.

4.Now in your android phone you need to download and install the app SoundWire from below link that will help you to stream PC audio directly to your Android.

5.After installing the app, launch it in your device and there you will find the field to enter the server address to get connected.

6.Now on your PC server note down the IP address and then fill it in your android phone.

7.Now simply click on soundwire icon and your device will start creating connection and then your device will get connected to your PC.

8.Now play any of the sound on your PC and that will then stream on your android.

9.You can easily edit all the audio equalizer setting according to your wish to get the best results.

10.Thats it you are done, now easily play PC sounds on your android phone.

To download- soundwire (Pc app)(xp)
To download- soundwire (Pc app)(7;8;10)
To download- soundwire (android app)

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The traditional keyboard of iPhone has got many new success features with a lot more great functions that in turn helps the users to work with many social apps, business apps etc very easily and smoothly. Although apart from great features you cannotsend up the GIFs from your iPhone keyboard directly, but you might has to use some other app for that very task. But this could be a very difficultfor the users to shift every timefrom the apps to send up the GIFs therefore some simple way is felt needed by many of the users. Here in this article we will tell you about the method by which you can sendGIFs directly from the keyboardof iPhone and therefore you shall not need to go through different options to send these up to anyone. Just follow the method that is given below in this article and start to send GIfs easily just through the iPhone Keyboard.

1. In this method you will have to first of all download and install  Giphy keys app on your iPhone. This is a type of application that will help you to send up the GIFs directly through the keyboard of the iPhone without even opening or using any other application.

2. Now after you have successfully installed the app on your iPhone, you will have to enable it right from the Keyboard settings of your device. Just follow the direction given below to add this keyboard:

“Settings -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> select GIPHY Keys”

3. Now to start using up this keyboard with your device apps just open up the default keyboard of the iPhone through any text field from any app. After that you have to long press the globe icon that you usually see on the left bottom corner of the keyboard app, and then drag and drop it to the GIPHY Keys option from the list that pop’s up.

4. This will now enable the GIPHY KEYS keyboard and hence you can now use it on your device and every time you would launch up the keyboard only this keyboard will come upon the screen.

5. Now to send up the GIFs from this keyboard just tap on the any of the icons from the set that is placed at the top of he keyboard. This will show you up some different categories options from where you can select any type of GIF and then send it to anyone. You can also search for the GIFs by clicking the icon that is placed at the top right corner.

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Want to turn something on YouTube into a GIF, but don’t want to futz with downloading third-party apps or digging around for an online converter?

Here’s a handy, easy to remember trick: just add “GIF” to the beginning of the URL. After “www.” and before “”

Step 1. First, open a YouTube video that you’d like to turn into a GIF.

Step 2. Then, put “GIF” in front of the “YouTube” part of the URL at the top of your browser and press Enter.


Step 3. You’ll be taken to and the clip you selected will automatically show up. Here you’ll be able to make a GIF out of the video you picked.

Step 4. You can now choose the start and stop times for your GIF. Once you’re done tweaking, click “Create gif.”

Step 5. will present you with a preview of what your GIF will look like. Ifyou’re satisfied, you can take the new URL and share it as you wish. If you wantto make further adjustments, hit “Go Back.”

Convert youtube video into gif
Share gif

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