*.Rooted device.
*.Xposed Framework installed.
*.If you dont know what is Xposed Framework, do not try this application (it wont work).
*.To confirm this app working you can try free version

*.Change the value of IMEI, Android Id, Serial Number( may not work with some devices), Wifi Mac Address

*.and service set identifier (SSID) of the current wifi network.

*.You can random or manual set these values.

*.Backup and restore ids.

*.Install app.

*.Enable module in xposed framework.

*.Open app and enter new values.

*.Reboot ( or soft reboot).

*.Done, the value of IMEI,Android Id,Serial No has changed.

What’s New?
*.Add new options.

*.Add Google Advertising Id.

*.Add Bluetooth Mac Address.

*.Fix serial no. not change in some devices.

*.Fix some bugs.

*.Add restore the origin ids function

To download-click here 

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Sometime you receive an email address from unknown sources and before responding to that email you must want to know about the person where youreceive email. And here we have a process to find the location of the sender that is not a difficult job. And thiscan be accomplished by email itself. As the feature is given by default itself, Every email comes upwith a sender details in the header itself. And by using that details you can get the location of the sender by reading out the complete guide discussed below.


1.First of all login into Gmail account where you want to trace sender’s location of any email that you had received. Now open the email which you want to trace and now click on down arrow button there.

2.Now you can see the list of options there and select Show Orignal and a new page will get open in new tab.

3.Now in the new tab, you will see the complete details of the email address and there you will see Ip address of the sender host. Here you can also trace the location of time zone if the IP address is not shown to you.

4.Now copy the IP address and search it on  IP Tracer.Now you will see the complete location of the sender and you will get to know about the sender and also that email is safe foryour or not.

Now you can trace any emails that you believe is unknown and can be spam that can wreck your privacy and even your data, so it’s always better to check the details and then respond to that email only.

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Today I'm going to tell you how to Resume IDM Broken file. When you download any big file in IDM. its take time to complete but in this process many time files got broken or expired. well, now you don't worry about it because in this post we are talking about how to Resume IDM Broken file.


1.Open your Internet Download Manager and right-click on the download file Then click on properties.

2.Copy the address from the address field and paste it into your browser address bar.

3.Now click to download it.When IDM dialog window shows then click on download later.

4.Then go to IDM Dashboard and get the new address by clicking its properties and copy the address fromthe address field.

5.Paste the new address in broken file’s address field.

6.Thats it!Now click resume to continue your file downloading.

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The method is very simple and depends on a tools of windows that will pair your device with an app that you will be installing in your iPhone. And then you can enjoy the better quality of sound whilechatting. Follow up the steps below to proceed.

*.3.5mm AUX cable
*.Megaphone App (free or paid)

1.First of all in your ios device you need to download and install the cool app that is  Megaphone free the app that will allow you to get your device Mic accessed on PC.

2.After installing the app launch it in your iPhone and then adjust the sensitivity byusing the volume buttons of the device.

3.Now you need to connect the one end of the AUX cable to your iPhone and the other end to yourPC’s microphone jack to make physical connectivity between them.

4.Now in your Pc right click on the sound icon and then select Playback Devices.

5.Now there click on Recording section there.

6.And make sure that when you speak in your iPhone then the bars move on which will make sure that the setup is working perfectly.

7.Thats it you are done, now your iPhone will work as your PC microphone and you can use to voice calling in PC.

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Now-a-days advertisment has gone to whole new extent. We can find ads in free version of apps and there are lots of ads. It irritates the user a lot. So,here is a trick which will help you to remove ads totally from your android.

*Rooted device


1.Download the lucky patcher app from below link.

2.Install and grant root acces to it.

3.Launch the app and wait till it loads.

4.Now go to toolbox section in lucky patcher.

5.You will block ads button, then click on it.

6.A sub-option will come and then click on "block ads on this device".

7.You are done!! Now enjoy your android as ad-free.

To download- click here 

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