There's another Apple iPhone trick users should watch out for: Resetting the date to January 1, 1970 will cause it to get permanently bricked.

Apple iPhones, iPad and other iOS devices are vulnerable to the Jan 1, 1970 date bug.

After Error 53, and the website link that causes Safari to crash, Apple iPhone and other iOS users have another possible problem to watch out for. Resetting the date to January 1, 1970 in iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 8 and above, will cause these to get permanently bricked.

A Reddit thread discussion has highlighted the issue and based on the discussion quite a people appeared to have tried setting the date back to Jan 1, 1970. Some found that their iPhones were not rebooting. Some said that the iPhone did come back to life, but it was really laggy and slow after the ‘time-travel’.

According to the post, the issue appears with 64-bit iOS devices and even connecting the device to iTunes will not restore it to “factory defaults” and an actual physical repair is required.

Now,if you are evil then you can get your friend's ios device & change its date.

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Some of paid apps are really very cool and helpful than many of the apps that are freely available on itunes store. But i know many of you might not want to waste a single dollar in mobileapps, so this trick willhelps you a lot. Just follow some of simplesteps discussed below.


1.First unlock your iPhone,iPad or iPod and open your safari browsers.

2.Now go  here. 

3.Now tap on unjailbroken.You can prefer jailbroken if your device is jailbreaked.

It will give you a warning about ssletc, Tap on Install.

5.Now press your home button and go to your home screen. You will see vShare iOS 8.3 downloading and installing.

6.After the app is installed. Click onit and another warning will appear.

7.Tap ontrustand vShare ios 8.3 will open.

8.Thats it! Enjoy!

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The method is very simple but a trick one where you have to alter between apps. So follow up the steps below to proceed with removing any pre-installed apps from your iphone without any need of jailbreak.


1.First of all in your iPhone go to Settings and there go to General.

2.There from the lots of option select out Restrictions.

3.Now by default itwill be disable, you have to enable it by clicking Enable Restriction.

4.Now it will ask you to enter your Restriction passcodeband again enter to confirm the restriction passcode, here you can choose out any passcode.

5.There you will see all your apps and features of your iPhone. Now swipe and turn off anyone that you wish to do.

6.Thats it you are done, with this that feature or say app will get remove out from your home screen that you restore it later on.

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The method is quite simple and you just need is a jailbreak iPhone as the app we are going to discuss right here only works on Jailbreak iPhone. And with that app you can checkout all the previously released version of any app and then downgrade it to the previous one for the better working.


1. First of all you need a jailbreak iPhone as the app we are discussing right below will only works if you have jailbreak device. If you does not have jailbreak you can do it  here .

2. Now after jailbreak you need to download and install  App Admin on your ios.

3.After installing this app just launch in your device.

4. Now you just go to the App store and then there go to the app which you want to downgrade and that you can find either by searching or either by finding it in Update Section.

5. Now there you need to tap on Update/Open/Download button and you will prompted to next screen where you will see all the available previous version of that app.

6. If you don’t get the version that you want then simply click on + button and there type the version that you want to have on your device.

7 . Thats it you are done, now that version of the app will start downloading and within few moments you will have that version on your device.

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The method is very simple and in this youwill be just sharing your windows folder or say drive over the local area network to access its files online.And with iOS device you will be getting that folder explored and can easily access all the files containing in the folder. So follow up some simple steps below to proceed.


1.First of all you need to choose out the folder that you want to share online on LAN to access in your iPhone.

2.Now right click on that folder and then select the properties there.

3.Now under sharing tab click on share option there.

4.Now you need to enter the user at that location or you can also select Everyone there to access in multiple devices.

5.Now simply click onnext and after that you just need to click on done option.

6.Now in your iOS device you can download and install  file explorer free in your iphone, its the third party app that will allow you to explore the shared files on LAN.

7.On the app click on + button and then simply click on Windows option and then the app will scanall the shared network and then youwill also see the shared folder too of your windows, simply tap on it.

8.You will now need username and password of your windows user accountand if you want to disable this then you can simply do that at “Advanced Sharing Settings” under Network and Sharing settings in the Windows Control Panel.

9.Thats it you are done, now you can access all the files and folders of that shared folder on your device.

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This music player is the best Audio player for android.Please Note: This is a music player,not a music downloader .It is a simple yet stylish music player for android.It is one of the most beautiful music player featuring a blurry / blur theme or glassy / glass theme and minimalist design.
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# Browse by folder.

Pro features:-

To download- click here 

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The method is quite simple and straight and you just need is patch thesocial toolkit to use all its premium feature all for free. So follow up the below steps to proceed.


1. First of all remove the extension from your browser if you already had installed this on your Google Chrome.

2. Now download the Facebook Social Toolkit Premium zip file from below.

3. Now extract the folder and drag and drop the fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep-2.3.1.crx file from the extracted folder to  extensions  page of your google chrome.

4. Now click on Add Extension button there and the extension will get added.

5. Now in your windows PChead to the below addressin the Explorer.


Replace HP with your PC name.

6. Now from the extracted zip file folder you have validate.jsp file that you have to move to the above location by replacing with the existed file.

7. Now open the Google chrome and login into your Facebook account and simply click on extension icon there and you will see all the list of tools.

8. Now try to use any of the premium tool and it will ask for your email andserial key, enter any according to your wish and click on unlock.

9. Thats it you are done, with this, now you have allthe premium tools for free to try in Facebook.

Enjoy all for free as the tool is fully activated now.

To download-click here (premium facebook social toolkit)

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The method is very simpleand in Mac OS X PC it can be done without using anythird party tool and just with some simple steps and in android just with an app that will let you to view the WiFi password of current network to which your device is currently connected. So have a look on steps below.


1. First of all in your PC press the keyboard button Command+ Space and thiswill open the Spotlight.

2. Now there type Keychain Access and then click on it.

3. Now there click on Local Items on the left panel and then right click on Airport network password there which is the connection of yours.

4. Now click on get info there.

5. Now on the next tab that open you will see your network name and then there click on Show password there and then move to the next step.

6. Now you will be asked to enter the admin password, just type to verify and then simply click on ok button there.

7. That’s it and you are done, now you will get the WiFi password there of the network to which yourdevice was connected.

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