If you are a security conscious geek, then nobody will think to crack your long and confusing password even F.B.I will think twice before cracking it. But, as we all know that it is very difficult to remember any long and confusing passwords, so, today we will show you a very easy and efficient way to share your WiFi password using QR code.

1.Go to .

2.On the left side just locate and Click on the “lock” icon just after the “SMS” icon.

3.Fill the required details to generate the QR code.

4.On the right side, alive preview of QR code will be displayed(You can also download the QR code)

5.Scan the QR code through “QR & Barcode Scanner“. (QR & Barcode Scanner is avilable on browser like Uc browser, Uc mini, Opera mini etc. Or else you can download any Barcode scanner from playstore)

6.Now tap on “Connect” icon to connect to the WiFi.

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VHD (Virtual Hard Disc) is the copy set of the window setting, softwares, all the modifications of the current windows installed on your PC.This is like you create the same xerox copy of the windows that is pre-installed and you use that copy to be pasted on other computer and by doing that you get exact same type of window settings and modifications other computer also.You could need this backup anytime to beused for some purpose.


1.First of all download the latest version of Disk2VHD software that is made specially for creating VHD’s in a very easy way. You can download zip file of Disk2VHD from below.

2. After downloading the file just extract it using Winrar. Now click on the extracted file and install the setup. You can now run the software on your device.

3. Open the Disk2VHD software and then select the physical drive(s) that you want to convert to virtual hard disk. After selecting the physical drive(s) you can now make the VHD of that drive.

4.You can either use the internal storage or you can use the external drive to savethe VHD file.With default settings Disk2VHD uses VHDXformat to save the virtual hard disk however you can save the virtual disk in VHD format also.

5.At last hit the Create button to begin the process and your VHD for desired drive will be created after some time depending on the size of the selected drive.The VHD that you has created now can be used on other running hardwares so that you can install the same copied drive software content to the others also.

To download- click here (Disk2vhd)

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1.Computer running Windows.
2.A PenDrive ( USB Stick) [16 – 32 gb depending on the number of OS you need]
3.X-boot(download from below) netframework 4 and above tool
5..ISO files of operating system(u can use antivirus recovery disk or boot repair disks also)
7.A little brain too


1.ISO images can be dragged and dropped into the main program interface. Each ISO is listed with itsname, size, a category, file path andother information. The program will automatically calculate the combined file size and display it as the total size in the same program window. That’s handy to keep below the maximum storage space of CDs, DVDs or USB sticks.

2.An option to calculate check sums is provided which may come in handy to verify the integrity of an ISO image. ISO images can be added via the file menu as well which opens a file browser to select ISO images from connected storage devices.

3.Select your USB Drivefrom the Droplist.

4.Select a Bootloaderto use.

5.Click OKto begin creation.

6.A click on Create ISO or Create USB creates the the multiboot ISO imageor USB device. Any ISO image created this way needs to be burned to disc before it can be used.

7.After copying completes reboot the pc and check the multiboot usb.

XBoot is an excellent program to consolidate or merge multiple ISO disc images into a single bootable CD, DVD or USB device.

To download-xboot 
To download- dot net framework 

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Buy new android phone and want to know, what is the first thing to do in android mobile ? My advice is to enable Android Device Manager on your android phone.

Android Device Manager helps you to track your lost android mobile without installing any app on your phone.

You can find this feature in your android mobile settings.

Android Device Manager is an inbuilt feature in the latest version of the android phone. You can track your android phone with this feature.  You can lock and erase your mobile data remotely with the help of android device manager.

1.Activate android device manager

Go to Phone Settings -> Security ->Device administrators.

Now activate Android Device Manager in Phone.

2.Make Sure you enable Location access from your Phone Settings.

Let's start searching your device:-
1. Open Google Play Store Website from this link google play homepage 

2. Login with your Google ID.

3. Click on the gear icon and select Android Device Manager.

4. Now Android Device Manager tracks your phone and give you the exact location of your android phone.

5. You can Ring your android Phone from a click on Ring. If you lost your android phone at the home, this feature helps you to find your phone.

6. Click on Erase button for remotely erasing all data on your android phone.

7. You can change the password of your android phone remotely from Lock button.

Android Device Manager is one of the best ways for track your lost android phone. But this method required working internet connection.

NOTE:-This quick tutorial was done using Cyanogen Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Things might be different on other versions of Android.

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It is one of the most searched query in the internet -How to hack WiFi Using Android Mobile? Is it possible to hack WiFi using Android? Well,the answer is yes. Android is an operating system based based on Linux kernal and with Linux,almost all such hacks and tricks are possible. But since an android device is not as powerful as a normal PC,there are certain conditions and requirements to be satisfied in order to hack WiFi with it. There are hundredsof fake apps and malware which claims to ack WiFi in seconds,remember there are no such 'one click WiFi Hacking apps'. In Simple words,not every Android device can hack WiFi and also it may take hours or days for a successful hack.

1.Android Device should be rooted.

2.Android Device should support bcmon App(i.e should haveBroadcom bcm4329/4330wifi chipset. [OR]

3.[Update] Now 'nonbcmonsupporteddevices' & 'devices which support external WiFi cards; can also be used to hack WiFi.

Tools required:-
*.bcmon app[apk] -This tool enables Monitor Modeon your rooted device with Broadcom chipset, which is essential for hacking WiFi using android.

*.Reaverfor Android orRfA - A WiFi pentesting tool which can be used toattack WPS-enabled routers and after the WPS-Pin is cracked, it can retrieves the actual WPA-key.

Download links are below the tutorial

(For bcmon support devices)

*.Download and install bcmon app.

*.Run bcmon. It may crash at first but keep trying. If it still crashes after 3-4 attempts the device may not be supported.

*.Install the firmware and tools,as prompted. Click on 'enable monitor mode'.

*.Download and install reaver and run it.

*.Reaver will scan for available access point. Remember it can hack only WPS enabled WiFi. Make sure Monitor Mode' is turned on. Make sure that the "Automatic advanced settings" box is checked.

*.Choose the network to hack and tap "Start Attack". It will take between 2-10 hours to hack. And sometimes it will never be successful depending on the router type.

(For hacking wep type wifi routers)

WEP is an outdated,extremely weak  protocol to secure WiFi and it is no more preferred because it can be hacked within seconds. However due to lack of awareness it is still used across the world. Below instructions explain how you can use you android device to hack a WEP protected WiFi network.

*.bcmonapp is used here also. So download and install it as told above.

*.Tap "Run bcmon terminal". This will launch a terminal similar to most Linux terminals.

*.Type airodump-ng and tap the Enter button. In the newly opened window type airodump-ng wlan0 and tap the Enter button.

*.Open reaver and note down the WiFi(Access point) name,Mac Address and the broadcasting channel  of the WiFi which you want to hack. Make sure it is WEP.

*.Now we can start scanning the target WiFi and collect packets. Type the following

airodump-ng -c channel# --bssid MAC address -w outputfile ath0

*.Note:channel# = broadcasting channel,MAC address = Mac Address of the router which you already noted down. -w is for specifying the output file name. I have given  output file in the example. So the complete command look similar to this.

airodump-ng -c 9 --bssid 00:14:6C:7E:40:80 -w outputfile ath0

*.Continue scanning untill it collects 20,000-30,000 packets.

*.Once enough packets are collected return to the terminal and type aircrack-ng outputfile*.cap and tap Enter. Aircrack program will attempt to crack the WiFi password from the extracted packets.

*.It might take hours to crack. Finally a  message Key Found!will appear, followed by the key in hexadecimal form. Key will work only if Probability" is 100%.

*.Remove":"from the key. i.e if it is 19:04:56:77:94, the key would be 1904567794.

To download- bcmon 
To download- RfA 


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