While streaming out different websites you across the sites where you find the right click disabled on it. And you are unable to perform lots of task like copy the content and also the opening links in tab and lots more things that browser allow you on right mouse click.Generally these websites implement this to either prevent user to copy their content and also due to various security reasons that normal users may not aware about. But sometime you really wish to make the right click enabled to make your work easier. That's is why i am here to guide you, in this article i will be discussing a method that will help you to enable the right click on the websites that had disabled it, Yes its possible and you can easily do this. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

#1 Method(Disabling javascript) 
The thing that disables the right mouse click on the browser is the background running java script and if you disable that you can easily access the content that is right click protected.

In chrome simply go to “Settings -> Content settings (under the Privacy heading)“, there you will find the options to disable JavaScript and manage exceptions. Simply activate it and save changes.

In Firefox you can use the Add on SettingsSanity that will enable the options that being officially disabled in the firefox and then you can disable the javascript in it.

In opera browser you just need to visit the settings and then simply disable the javascript in it.

#2 Method(Using 'Right to copy' extension)
This is the another way to enable the right click of mouse on the website as this is the third party extension that will disable the script that blocks the right key access and with that you can easily access the right key functionality in the site in browser.

To download- firefox 
To download- chrome 

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