Hello guys, here in this tutorial you will learn how to add Copy to/Move to option in windows explorer context menu. You may add it by using any software on the internet, But I will be giving you another method. You may add it manually by following this tutorial.

Actually we will be adding a registry entry in windows context menu registry folder. You may do it in two ways, but both methods give the same result.  The first method will give you an idea about what actually is done in the second method. So both methods are the same, difference is the method used to implement registry entry.

Method #1
1.Open the Run window, use Win key+R on your keyboard.

2.Type inregedit and hit Enter.

3.Browse Down to the key given below.


4.Right click on ContextMenuHandlers and add a new key.

5.Modify the (Default) key.

6.Now enter the following value hit Enter.


Now you just added a new Copy tonoption in the windows explorer right click menu.

7.Now you should follow the same to create theMove to option. Only the value data for the key is different. Copy the bellow value code to add the Move to option.


All done. If you are willing to remove these options from the context menu you may simply delete the new key that you made.

I just explained the first method. If it was difficult to you, then the next method is made for you.

Mehod #2

1. click here & download the reg files.

2.Extract the zip file, and you will find two registry files.

3.Run these files one by one.

4.It will ask your permission to add this particular registry entry. Click YES.

And that is it. You added Copy to/Move to option in the windows explorer context menu, by just double clicking on those files! Again to delete these options, you should delete the new key added by the registry file.This time the key name will be the value data itself.

As the fig shows the new key added is having the name of the Value data of Copy to Option. Just delete it and the context menu option will be removed!

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